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Explicit Lyrics
Is this song a Radio Edit?

Featured artists: Use the word feat. in parentheses, with names separated by ampersand & commas.
Example: Sweetest Girl (feat. Akon, Lil Wayne & Niia)

Parts or volumes: If your song has "Part 1", "Volume 2", etc., use a comma, then the word "Pt." or "Vol."
Example: Metropolis, Pt. 2

Instrumental/remix/versioning: If the title needs an explanatory word, put it in parentheses.
Example: Cheerleader (instrumental)

Multiple parentheses: Titles can only have 1 set of parentheses. If you need more, use brackets instead.
Example: C'mon (Catch 'Em by Surprise) [Tiësto remix] [feat. Busta Rhymes]

Cover songs: If a cover, remix, or mashup, do not include the original artist's name here.
Example: Thriller

No year/dates: Do not include any year info (ex: 2020) in your song title.

No producers: You can add producers later using our credits & liner notes feature.

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