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StarrLive Entertainment is an Award Winning Modern Digital Marketing Agency, designed for the music industry. Our vision is to help our clients develop engaged audiences through branding, marketing and partnerships.

We offer custom solutions for labels, publishers, managers and indie or major label artists, with an UNPARALLELED EXPERTISE in driving campaigns and a passion for personalized content creation, social publishing, and full-service marketing strategy.

Our approach is simple; know yourself, know your fans, build your business.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Establish artist identity, branding, and vision. Set goals.
2. Build the content, shape the music, and design the visual brand.
3. Develop the audience plan. Establish the social, brand, and development approach.
4. Implement the strategy. Measure obsessively.
5. Enhance the business through social monetization, partnerships, and optimized traditional revenue streams.

Here’s another way to look at it. StarrLive is two things:

a Chief Marketing Officer and a Chief Revenue Officer.

CMO: As your CMO, StarrLive supports digital strategy, content development, visual branding, and artist positioning.

CRO: As your CRO, StarrLive supports social monetization, partnerships, D2C, and traditional revenue optimization.

Built out of our agency model, StarrLive operates boutique management services and publishing division for artists that do not have either. At the center of both ventures is Attila Toth-Bathori (CEO) a phenomenal music industry marketing specialist, and music producer with multiple gold and platinum records.

We believe each project is two are alike. That's why we would like to here more from yours before we give you a quote:

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